Designate Unique – Neighborhood College Transfer Product!

Designate Unique – Neighborhood College Transfer Product!

Pricey Future College Pupil,

You accurate found so great extra than what you were doubtlessly making an strive for. Within the following minute while, you may possibly presumably perchance well smartly be about to rating THE BEST facts about transferring from community college to Ivy League, Tier 1 or wherever else. Nonetheless first, I need to dispute…


The truth that you just found this page ability you may possibly presumably perchance well smartly be exploring possibilities and pondering keenly about your future.

You presumably also can just aloof be commended for your desire and initiative to upward push above your peers and form a a success future for your self.

Nonetheless you ought to now not let this dwell with mere desire.

This desire to greater your self also can just aloof be initial building block of you succeeding academically and securing a promising profession in irrespective of field you make a resolution.

Now, for the 5 finest questions about transferring from community college to varsity…

I changed into now not the homecoming king. I changed into now not the valedictorian. Even if I wasn’t at the bottom of the class, I wasn’t at the highest both. I performed hockey however I wasn’t very factual at it.

In short, I changed into an good ample child, a median joe.

As I went to community college, I changed into fortunate ample to be pleased befriended, Dan, a sophomore who changed into also the student trustee. He changed into doing unheard of for himself and had been popular to Rice College, UPenn and a vary of alternative unheard of faculties I’d never be pleased dreamed going in myself.

As I obtained to know Dan, I discovered out one thing about him that took my entirely with out observe.

Dan changed into a median student accurate love me!

Being the student trustee, winning the final scholarships and collecting the final awards he did, at the side of the college acceptances he got, I’ve changed into obvious that he changed into repeatedly a straight A student.

I couldn’t be extra sinful!

And that’s when he knowledgeable me his secret.

A secret handed the final formulation down to him by one more “average joe” (named Josh) who had long gone on to proceed his reports at UPenn after having been popular at so much of alternative prestigious universities corresponding to Cornell, UVA, and USC.

In short, I changed into third within the line of “average joes” to be pleased the opportunity to examine this “secret” and reap unheard of success with it…

fortunate community college transfer

Following this “secret,” all the issues started changing for me…

I realized how to prevail academically, produce a superb deal of friends and rating exactly what I mandatory at community college…

I changed into repeatedly within the true save at the true time (on legend of I knew what to enact)

And here’s the handiest segment…

It wasn’t disturbing! The entire lot accurate fell into save and got here with out misfortune as soon as I understood how all the issues works as smartly as to what I mandatory to enact!

And I feel so grateful to be pleased such an unbelievable college ride – it changed into better than any college ride I could possibly presumably perchance presumably ever demand for…

Try it out:

I turned the highest student at my community college…

High Neighborhood College Transfer Pupil With my professors, my friends and even my family, issues accurate clicked…

And using the final recommendation I changed into given, I gained self perception in myself…

For the main time, I realized to dream bigger and enact issues that no one who knew me sooner than would be pleased understanding conceivable.

After which, I obtained to transfer to a top ranked undergraduate industry faculty: Unique York College, Stern College of Industry!

Transfer from Neighborhood College

Now I mediate here is an mountainous moment for me…

As an unfocused, average joe in excessive faculty, I changed into in a location to transfer to a college ability better than I’m in a position to be pleased ever imagined.

No longer to indicate the final incredible friends I made along the ability, the scholarships/awards I received, the positions I held and the final enjoyable I had going via community college…

Unnecessary to claim, the “secret” worked.

And it’s all on legend of I obtained the true advice from Dan who obtained it from Josh and…

how to transfer to ivy league

The entire lot I realized from my experiences, the final “secret” to success at community college, the final factual advice I changed into given, the final lessons I realized and the final treasured suggestions and pointers I be pleased picked up along the ability as I went via my have streak against my dreams…

…I be pleased laid down in an eBook.

And I’m providing them to you true here, true now.

This eBook, The 3 Be aware Truth To Attending Neighborhood College And Transferring, affords you the “Moderate Joe secret” and outlines intimately a obvious motion thought on pointers on how to make utilize of your native folk college as a stepping stone to rating admitted to your dream college.

This motion thought is exactly what obtained me admitted to Unique York College’s Stern College of Industry.

No subject your past lecturers, you shall be in a location to enact the final following:

  • Become the highest student. The supreme scheme to change into a top student using a confirmed thought that average college students be pleased at likelihood of upward push to the highest.
  • Ranking above the ninety fifth percentile on the SATs. I’m going to come up with the specific steps I took to lift my SAT rankings by extra than 300 facets in lower than 3 weeks.
  • Write an efficient transfer utility. Ogle how to craft an utility that makes you stand out from the crowd and change into “irresistible” to top universities.

“Preposterous! Corrupt! Absurd! No longer seemingly!”

Those are accurate a pair of of the most in type reactions I rating every time I point out what this e-e book can enact for you.

Nonetheless as soon as they rating out the specific step-by-step job on how these also can just even be achieved…

…Jaws plunge in allege amazement. “It makes supreme sense! Why didn’t I mediate that!”

You’ll doubtlessly be pleased the same response the minute you build reading all 19 pages of The 3 Be aware Truth To Attending Neighborhood College And Transferring.

And I mediate 19 pages is long…

If I gave you a 200 page e-e book, it wouldn’t be easy to place into effect or be aware, however with accurate 19 pages, it be great more straightforward and easier into change into the highest student and transfer to a top college…

take a look at impress Transfer from community college to varsity (your dream college)

take a look at impress Web a preferrred-making an strive college ride – you are going to be pleased a form of enjoyable…I guarantee it!

take a look at impress Discontinuance struggling academically and change into the highest student

take a look at impress Arrangement masses of friends whereas assembly the ones that will be there for lifestyles

take a look at impress Web universities to treasure you by scoring above the ninety fifth percentile on the SATs with out misfortune

take a look at impress Write the transfer utility essay that will now not rating tossed aside by admissions

take a look at impress Develop your 1st semester GPA!! – overcome the pitfalls of transferring to varsity

take a look at impress Aid compelling conversations (with somebody!) and defend some distance off from the “awkward silence”

Lets rob a like a flash behold at the numbers…

For your first two years, by transferring to Tier 1 & Ivy League universities, you keep as much as:

…………………$50,000/three hundred and sixty five days

No longer doing a further semester on legend of you shall be in a position to have a thought that works, you will keep after all:

…………………..$1,727/three hundred and sixty five days

Your average starting wage amplify from attending a tier 1 college vs. tier 3 college:

………………….$8,339/three hundred and sixty five days

Having the college ride of a lifetime, how enact I build a worth on that?


I’m now not even going to add it up…

A college manual customarily costs $150 per hour and he’s long gone after giving you some pointers that you just may possibly presumably perchance additionally just or also can just now not put into effect…

I’m here to be obvious that this works for you.

So here is what I will enact (and you set aside now not need to pay $150), you are going to rating:

community college transfer pricing


Why so low rate? Properly, I be pleased a hidden agenda… I desire masses and masses of testimonials for some wide upcoming plans I be pleased with these eBooks. I’m also extra centered on getting my name within the market and building a network of highly a success college students, in its save of accurate promoting top rate priced merchandise. Or now not it is a accumulate-accumulate for both of us…

The earlier you rating these ebooks, the at an advantage you may possibly presumably perchance well smartly be (even in case you are in excessive faculty or about to jot down your applications) so click the “Add To Cart” button now.

And also you don’t be pleased anything else to wretchedness about on legend of I’m giving you a…

60 Day Iron-Clad 100%

Money-Aid Pride Guarantee

Whereas you are unhappy in any ability…

When you don’t mediate this details will rating you out of your community college to ivy league universities or your dream faculty, ship me an email within 60 days…

And I will promptly refund all of you money.

Chad Agrawal

That’s accurate how assured I’m that you just will treasure this details and this may possibly increasingly give you the results you want…

You’ve gotten absolutely nothing to lose…

You presumably also can originate reading the ebooks within the following 3 minutes and in case you don’t mediate it be for you, I’m going to refund you true away (gorgeous guarantee true?)

You are going to rating all my advice, suggestions and suggestions to produce you a top student and transfer to your dream college for accurate one time funding of $24.95!

Nonetheless attributable to the excessive volume of sales, I might want to limit the likelihood of copies on hand to every three hundred and sixty five days (to forestall pointless competitors)

So don’t wait, rating your reproduction now and rob the first step against going in ivy league and tier 1 universities out of your community college.

Click the “Add to Cart” button and you may possibly presumably perchance additionally rating rapid rating entry to!


Upon clicking “Add to Cart” – you shall be taken to a 100% valid checkout page.

As soon as your price is total, you are going to rating rating entry to to the download hyperlinks for your ebooks, at the side of all my personal contact details and you may possibly presumably perchance additionally be in a location to originate reading true away!

So click “Add to Cart” to be pleased a gleaming college ride and enact extra than you ever understanding conceivable.

Understand You On The Inside,

Chad Agrawal

P.S. This deal is for cramped copies most efficient. If it says “equipped out” in case you click the “Add to Cart” button, I’m if truth be told sorry so don’t wait or you may possibly presumably perchance presumably miss your likelihood to skip the troubles of a usual community college student and transfer to a top college.

P.P.S. Your one time funding of most efficient $24.95 may possibly perchance be the distinction between you attending a mediocre tier 3 college and a top flight ivy league or tier 1 college…Or now not it is as much as you.

P.P.P.S. Remember, you don’t be pleased anything else to lose. When you may possibly presumably perchance well smartly be now not 100% tickled with all the issues to salvage, accurate expose me within 60 days and I’m going to promptly ship you a plump refund (though I aloof have not got a single refund seek details from!)

Neighborhood College Transfer Students

Chad Good ample. Agrawal

47 North Greenbush Road, West Nyack, NY 10994

details [at]

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