Mountain Itemizing: A Handbook for Truckers, RV and Motorhome Drivers

Mountain Itemizing: A Handbook for Truckers, RV and Motorhome Drivers

From the author, RW:

When prospects derive out that I’m from Kansas, they frequently tell, “Kansas?  What can you expose me about mountain passes whereas you’re from Kansas?”  But after they hear my story, they reduce me a shrimp bit slack.  (Incidentally, manufacture you know that there became once once a researcher with too grand govt grant money who sure that Kansas truly is flatter than a pancake?)

When I became once a shrimp bit one within the early 60’s my dad and mom owned a 16 foot Mobil Scout shuttle trailer.  We pulled that trailer at some level of the western United States and Canada with a 1962 Chevy with a 283 cubic lunge engine and a three hotfoot on the column.  So I learned to fancy mountains and I learned to fancy traveling the massive birth areas of our great land.  With that minute trailer and the legitimate Chevy, we never had any complications ice climbing or descending grades.

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In an strive to get mountain riding a shrimp bit safer for truckers
and RV’ers, R&R Publishing Inc. has been amassing and steep gragepublishing
recordsdata about mountain passes and steep grades since 1993. The Mountain Itemizing Ebooks give the locations
and descriptions of over 700 mountain passes and steep grades in
22 states. The Mountain Itemizing ebooks expose you the place the
steep grades are, how long they are, how steep (%) they are, whether or no longer
the road is 2 lane, three lane, or four lane, if there are stride
ramps, switchbacks, inspiring curves, hotfoot limits, and so forth. With this
recordsdata, one can know ahead of time what a lunge is fancy and
get an told option about whether or no longer to head over or around. If
you resolve to head over, per chance the icy morning hours would ease
the strain on the engine and transmission at some level of the climb. Unhooking
the towed vehicle would get the climb and the descent more uncomplicated. Luminous
what lies ahead is half the fight.

The broadcast variations of the Mountain Itemizing books had practically 240 pages of textual content and coloration reduction maps. All 240 pages are within the downloadable variations of the Mountain Itemizing ebooks. Nothing is lacking. Within the broadcast variations, mountain lunge locations were marked with a yellow triangle on the coloration reduction maps.  Within the guide variations, possibilities are you’ll perhaps well well click on on the yellow triangles and the textual content appears to be like that describes that location.

Virginia Kentucky East design

4. US 33
(between Harrisonburg, VA and Judy Gap, WV.)

There are three summits along this stretch of US 33. The eastern summit is between Rawley Springs, VA and Brandywine, WV.  The east aspect is 4 miles of 8 to 9% grade. The west aspect is 4½ miles of 9% grade and each aspect have real inspiring curves and hairpin turns.  The dual carriageway is 2 lane on both sides.

The center summit is between Oak Flat and Franklin, WV. The east aspect of this hill is 2½ miles of 8% with 25 mph curves.  The west aspect is about 3½ miles of grand milder grade.  It is some distance 4 to 5% over most of its size.  There are some inspiring curves finish to the bottom.  The street is 2 lane on both sides of the hill.

The western summit is between Franklin and Judy Gap, WV.  It is some distance 5 miles of real 9% grade on every aspect. All sides are two lane with inspiring curves and hairpin turns. Utilize caution on this street.

E book Introduction:

There is an outdated asserting amongst over-the-street truckers. “There are two types of drivers — those who’ve been in wretchedness on a mountain grade, and those who will seemingly be.” Sadly, this additionally applies to many RVers. Trucks and RVs have equal complications concerning weight, engine vitality, and braking in mountainous terrain.

Imagine your self descending a mountain grade on your RV. You didn’t know there became once such a protracted, steep grade on this dual carriageway. What a surprise! And things will no longer be going effectively. It is seemingly you’ll perhaps well merely have a white-knuckle grip on the guidance wheel. The engine is no longer conserving wait on all of this weight, the brakes are smelling hot or even smoking, you’re pushing more challenging on the brake pedal however your hotfoot keeps rising. All possibilities are you’ll perhaps well well see ahead is extra mountain. Your thoughts is racing throughout the total on hand alternate choices and none of them are merely. “I’ve got to enact one thing,” you tell “or I’m no longer going to get it.” The alternate choices embody: flee into the rock wall, lunge over the aspect, hit those trees, or see whereas possibilities are you’ll perhaps well well get the next curve and shuffle it out. You have chose the final option and, whereas you’re lucky, you bought it to the bottom in a single part. You pull over and whereas you atomize up making an try ahead to your heart to stop pounding, you wipe the sweat from your face and you see your shirt is soaked, your mouth is dry, and your hands are shaking. It is seemingly you’ll perhaps well well perhaps be thinking, “If I had known it became once going to be fancy that………….”

Presumably your rig has wretchedness at some level of the steep climbs. The temperature is within the 90’s and the grade is so steep that possibilities are you’ll perhaps well well barely climb it in first instruments. The engine and transmission temperatures are rising. How some distance to the end of this hill? You manufacture no longer know if it is one mile or ten. Something smells hot. What to enact? Pull over and icy off? But then all momentum is lost. Can you even initiate again? You prefer you had unhooked the vehicle you’re dragging up this hill within the wait on of the motorhome. Ought to you’re lucky, possibilities are you’ll perhaps well well enact that next time. You are questioning how many thousand greenbacks a glossy engine and transmission will seemingly be.

At some level of the earlier few years now we have got heard many stories about very pricey repairs to drive grunt formula. Usually rigs are lost fully. A dual carriageway patrol officer in Oregon suggested us that within the summertime an reasonable of one motorhome per week burns to the ground whereas making an try to climb Cabbage Hill on I-84 east of Pendleton. If a hearth starts, the closest fire division is more seemingly to be many miles away. By the time they advance, there is nothing left to enact however hose down the ashes.

Many people are under the affect that the grades within the eastern mountains will no longer be as vital as the grades within the western mountains. Curiously here’s because the elevations will no longer be as high within the eastern states. But elevation by myself is no longer the problem–it is the commerce in elevation that makes a grade doubtlessly dangerous. If all other components are equal, a grade that descends from 4000′ to 1000′ over 10 miles is rarely any varied than a grade that descends from 10000′ to 7000′ over 10 miles. Either draw possibilities are you’ll perhaps well merely have a 3000′ commerce in elevation unfold over 10 miles. (This case would end in an reasonable grade of practically 6% for 10 miles.)

A huge percentage of the grades within the western states are within the 6% vary. A huge percentage of the grades within the eastern states are 8, 9, or 10% and now and again even extra. The eastern grades are frequently shorter however here’s no longer repeatedly so. A mercurial peep throughout the eastern e book will tag over 50 grades which would be between 7 and 10% and from 4 to 7 miles long. There are others which would be even extra no longer easy. The street to the end of Whiteface Mountain in New York is 8 to 10% for 8 miles. There would be no need for truckers to use this street however RVs are allowed. Shut to Cumberland, Maryland there is a hill on I-68 that is posted as 6% for 13 miles. In North Carolina dual carriageway 181 crosses the Blue Ridge Parkway and the southbound descent is 11 miles of grade that varies from 6 to 10%. Mighty of it is 8 to 9%. These grades are true as dangerous as the grades within the western states.

From the
Colorado a part of the Mountain Itemizing West:

VAIL PASS elev. 10603′ (on I-70 east of Vail, CO)

The descent on the westbound aspect of Vail Pass is about 10 miles in size and begins at milepost 189 on I-70. One half mile west of the summit there are warning indicators for westbound traffic–“Depart limit Forty five mph for autos over 30,000 lbs.” and “Steep grade next 8 miles–vans preserve in lower instruments.” The next mile is rolling hills.  Then there is a signal–“7% grade next 7 miles.”

The descent is real at 7% and there are 3 advisory indicators for the first runaway truck ramp which is about milepost 185 or 4 miles down from the summit. The stride ramp is upsloping on the upright.  The 2d runaway truck ramp is about milepost 182, which is 3¼ miles after the first stride ramp, or about 7¼ miles down from the summit. There are several advisory indicators earlier than reaching it and it is an upsloping ramp on the upright. Gain no longer be fooled when the grade eases after the 2d stride ramp.  It rapidly goes wait on to 7% and does no longer bottom out till 2½ miles after the 2d stride ramp or about milepost 179.

The eastbound descent from the summit of Vail Pass continues practically to the Frisco exit about 11 miles down the hill however the descent is no longer real.  There are fast steep sections adopted by fast sections of lesser grade.  The final half of the descent is 3-4% grade. There are no stride ramps on the east aspect of the lunge.

Whereas every effort has been made to make certain that the accuracy of the maps incorporated on this e book, it is nearly not seemingly to incorporate all compulsory part on such minute maps. We counsel that these maps be feeble together with better, extra detailed street maps.

Most frequently the passes and hills are described as descents. In other words, a lunge will seemingly be described from the summit down in a single route after which from the summit down within the replacement route. This directory does no longer dispute to incorporate every steep grade. The truth is, because of the enormous space now we have got tried to duvet, we can voice that now we have got presumably missed some. Usually the percentages quoted are estimates and plenty cases they are based totally totally on street indicators or recordsdata provided by dual carriageway departments. This e book does no longer strive to price passes or grades in response to wretchedness. There could be an limitless diversity in autos and instruments. A hill that is highly subtle for one vehicle could perhaps well even be no dispute at thinking just a few equal vehicle that is equipped otherwise. Driver judgment is notable in deciding which hills must be averted.

The reason of this e book is no longer to discourage drivers from going the place they please. It is some distance easiest to say them of the must haves they’d perhaps well merely attain at some level of and to encourage them to make certain that their instruments is in merely restore. Brakes must be in merely working dispute and effectively adjusted and the engine and transmission must be feeble to sluggish the vehicle at any time when seemingly, thus saving the brakes and conserving them icy sufficient to preserve their stopping vitality. The engine’s cooling machine have to be in merely restore to stop overheating at some level of the climbs. Turning off the air conditioner at some level of climbs could perhaps well merely abet, and if compulsory, turning on the heater will abet dissipate warmth from the engine.

From the
North Carolina a part of the Mountain Itemizing East:

I-40 (between Shaded Mountain and Primitive Castle, NC)

By legislation, all vans excluding pickups and vans are required to stop on the end of this hill and learn the records posted about the eastbound descent ahead. The end of the hill is finish to milepost 67 true east of Shaded Mountain.  The grade is posted as 5 miles of 6%.  It is some distance a real 6%.  There are three runaway truck ramps, all of which would be fast sand beds with sand piles at the atomize.  There could be just a few mile of grade left after the final stride ramp.   The westbound descent is about 1¼ mile of 6%.

There are a whole bunch aftermarket devices that can abet heavy autos in the mountains. Some will abet by rising horsepower for the climbs. These embody turbos and utilize programs. Other devices, equivalent to engine braking programs can abet at some level of the descents. Some products, fancy instruments splitters and auxiliary transmissions can abet at some level of the climbs and the descents. Heaps of these products additionally give a boost to gas economy (whereas turning in extra horsepower) and reduce put on and trip on the drive grunt.

The most fundamental substances fascinated with overheated brakes are the dimensions of the grade, the steepness of the grade, and the hotfoot and weight of the vehicle. Lowering any of these will give a boost to the possibilities of getting down the mountain without overheating the brakes. Most of the time, the most efficient one the motive force can commerce is hotfoot. Lowering hotfoot could perhaps well merely preserve you alive. Take into accout the outdated phrase, “You can lunge down a mountain a thousand cases too slowly, however easiest once too rapid.”

Are attempting earlier than you aquire!

Are attempting this free demo and sign the perfect draw it works.

Shriek the guide

Are attempting earlier than you aquire!

Are attempting this free demo and sign the perfect draw it works.

Shriek the guide

“Miller designed his two directories for RV as effectively as truck drivers
because, he says, ‘RV drivers would face the equal complications as truckers
thanks to the weight of their autos and braking programs that can also merely
no longer be designed to contend with the intense prerequisites encountered at some level of
mountain descents.’ Since most street atlases enact no longer embody this particular
records, many motorhomers will derive one or both of these books helpful
in taking the surprises out of riding within the mountains.” Sherry McBride,
Senior Managing Editor, Motorhome

“RVers frequently have complications with mountain grades–both going up and
coming down. It is helpful to be warned when a steep grade is coming
up, and that is the explanation true what the 2 Mountain Directories enact.” Circulation to Circulation

“Color reduction maps and bigger than 150 glossy mountain lunge and grade locations
were added to R&R Publishing’s 1999 editions of Mountain
Itemizing West
and Mountain Itemizing
. Collectively, the books provide locations and descriptions
for bigger than 700 mountain passes and steep grade locations in 22
states, as effectively as other fundamental recordsdata for somebody riding a gigantic
or heavy vehicle. In Mountain Itemizing East,
the introduction notes that elevation by itself does no longer level to
a grade’s wretchedness; the commerce in elevation, depicted within the e book
as percentages, is the vital part.”

Family Motor Instructing

Virginia Kentucky East design

12. TETON PASS elev. 8429′

(on Wyoming Motorway 22 west of Jackson, WY)

Teton Pass has sustained 10% grades on every aspect of the summit.  An irregular characteristic is that both runaway truck ramps on the east aspect of the lunge could perhaps well even be feeble easiest if the runaway truck crosses the oncoming lane of traffic.  There could be a posted weight limit of 60,000 lbs. on this lunge.

The westbound descent from the summit of Teton Pass begins with a 25 mph hotfoot limit and a truck warning signal–“Steep grade–10% next 3 miles–use lower instruments.” This grade warning is repeated a mile later.  About 2½ miles down from the summit the grade eases to 6-7% and the hotfoot limit will enhance.  This grade continues for roughly 3-4 miles and eases finish to the Idaho divulge line.

The eastbound descent from the summit of Teton Pass starts with a truck warning signal–“Steep grade–10% next 5 1/2 miles–use lower instruments.” There are 20 mph curves finish to the end.  About 1/3 mile down from the summit is a signal–“Runaway truck ramp–2½ miles LEFT aspect.” This warning is repeated several cases as you capacity the ramp. To use the ramp that you must unpleasant the oncoming lane of traffic. The ramp slopes uphill.

The 2d runaway truck ramp is about 1 mile after the first. It, too, is on the left aspect and is an upsloping ramp.  At this level the grade begins to ease to about 6-7% and the hotfoot limit will enhance.  The hill continues to the metropolis of Wilson, which is about 5½ miles from the summit.

“The worst section is no longer the white knuckles, the cold sweat, the incredible
adrenaline flee. It is some distance the emptiness within the very pit of the abdomen,
the remark hopelessness of the wretchedness. Somebody who has ever lived
through a runaway can uncover…. a rig out of preserve watch over on a protracted downgrade
has a thoughts of its absorb. And it does no longer care what will get within the perfect draw. Miller’s
directories are paunchy of merely stuff that’ll abet drivers get dapper
routing choices and prepare them for dangerous grades – fancy size
and severity of grades, sharpness of curves and location of stride
ramps. It is important recordsdata for rookie drivers or outdated hands traveling
into a mountainous space for the first time.” Andrew Ryder, Editor, Heavy Duty Trucking

“Many truckers have had the upsetting experience of cresting a mountain
grade too rapid and questioning within the event that they are going to be ready to stop on the bottom.
Richard Miller is one of them. After an exhilarating descent into Camp
Verde Valley, AZ in 1993, he determined to enact one thing about the dearth
of recordsdata on many mountain grades. The outcomes of his efforts
are two great resources: Mountain
Itemizing West and Mountain Itemizing
Each and each comprises maps exhibiting the location of grades and detailed recordsdata
about them, together with the end of the summit, size and steepness
of grades, severity of curves, location of stride ramps, and signage.” Truckers Recordsdata

From the
Southern California a part of the Mountain Itemizing West:

CAJON PASS elev. 4190′

(on I-15 south of Victorville, CA)

There could be very shrimp descent on the north aspect of Cajon Pass.  The southbound descent begins with warning indicators–“Downgrade next 12 miles–vans test brakes” and “Truck hotfoot limit Forty five mph” and “Truck scales 5 miles” and “6% grade next 4 miles” and “Runaway truck ramp 2½ miles.”

The grade could perhaps well even be slightly bigger than 6% down to the stride ramp the place it eases for a very fast distance after which works wait on to 6% till reaching the truck scales.  After the scales the grade eases to about 2-3% for 3 miles, then goes to about 5% for but every other 4½ miles.

This street has four lanes downhill and a great deal of traffic. Utilize caution on this hill.

“Rvers traveling to glossy locations frequently meet unexpected and perhaps
dangerous challenges in mountainous terrain because they’d perhaps well merely no longer
know what make of street lay ahead. Atlases could perhaps well merely designate elevation, however
no longer how steep and how many miles a grade is, whether or no longer or no longer there
are turnouts, and the condition of the road. Mountain
Itemizing West
and Mountain Itemizing
give locations and detailed descriptions of practically 700
mountain passes and steep grades in 22 states. This permits drivers
to region safer and more uncomplicated routes, or to be prepared to face the grade.” Highways

“A helpful e book for those planning to shuttle within the Western states
is Mountain Itemizing…. It tells you
the percentage of grade, alignment, width and size of great
mountain passes in 11 Western states. (The truth is, there is now Mountain Itemizing East as effectively, which covers practically 300 mountain passes
and steep grades in 11 Eastern states.)”

Joe and Vickie Kieva Collins, Highways

“As RVers and travelers within the west, we counsel this e book as a merely
reference and we notion to preserve up it within the cab of our truck. After all,
if we earn a risk to shuttle within the east, we’re prepared with
that e book as effectively.”Fable

“Once in a whereas, humorists writing in RV literature will gleefully
get hay out of the theorem that of an RV hurtling down a mountainside
the usage of G forces to describe the hotfoot rather than miles per hour. On the replacement hand,
the truth of brake failure within the mountains, as those who have experienced
this can attest, is no longer the least bit humorous. For the RVer tackling
the Rockies and other western ranges, this directory would be a helpful
reference.” RV Occasions

“Mountain Itemizing is effectively put together,
uncomplicated to use, and prepares the person for riding within the mountains. When
it involves deepest safety and keeping the investments made in
RVs and motorhomes, drivers would be effectively served to preserve up this e book
at hand.” Nationwide Motorists Affiliation Recordsdata

Mountain Itemizing for Truckers, RV, and Motorhome
Drivers… Wow! With a title that long, this e book better provide
a provider to RVers—and it does.”

Jim Brightly, Managing Editor, Motorhome

“It is toddle to provide the traveler with records and peace of thoughts…..
It is some distance a e book that must be located next to every rig’s navigator…
Shield this e book at hand at some level of your travels.”

Bob Carter, RV This day

“…. have to positively be incorporated on your RV library… chock paunchy
of recordsdata… our traveling columnists have already made great
use of this directory.” Tenting Canada

Mountain Itemizing …. became once specifically
written for drivers of RVs and other heavy autos. The textual content, accompanied
by maps pinpointing locations, describes how steep and long every grade
is, plus other pertinent crucial capabilities.” Trailer Life

“… let me expose you straight: this e book applies to you.”

Invoice Farlow, Woodall’s Southern RV

“Misfortune Heights No Extra” “Whereas the publishers are the fist to admit
that it’d be nearly not seemingly to checklist every steep hill within the
western United States, Mountain Itemizing covers most grades which would be long sufficient and steep sufficient to pose a
dispute to RVs.” Circulation to Circulation

“Motorhome drivers and truckers have very equal complications bright
steep grades, weight, brakes, and so forth., and section of the resolution is records
about the hills earlier than you earn there.”

Family Motor Instructing

From the
Pennsylvania East a part of the Mountain Itemizing East:

Pennsylvania dual carriageway 125

(between Shamokin and Gorgeous Spring, PA.)

Broad autos could perhaps well well must preserve away from this 18 mile a part of street. It crosses four mountains and entails a gigantic sequence of 15 mph hairpin turns and plenty extra 20 and 25 mph curves. Regardless of your route of shuttle possibilities are you’ll perhaps well well must climb and tumble some very steep hills.  Mighty of the grade is 7 to 9% however there are reasonably just a few sections that must be 12% or extra, some lasting practically a mile.  Brake sneakers manufacture no longer have sufficient time to icy grand between descents.

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