The OmniGeometry engine lets you produce ideal recursive geometry in a topic of seconds, pretty than countless hours when drawn by hand.

OmniGeometry literally takes the compass and pen idea to the subsequent stage. It is specifically designed for drawing a form recursively, time and again, with a whole lot of ranges of depth, like a tree that has leaves and branches, letting you at the identical time adjust the total parameters in true time.

As an illustration, increasing the recursion depth helps you label fresh patterns out of the identical depraved formation.

Doing this by hand or with worn designer instrument is shut to not likely as on every stage of recursion the synthetic of aspects will enhance exponentially. This kind that if the first stage of recursion has 8 aspects, the subsequent stage could perchance per chance well be 64 and by the time you receive to the third stage of recursion you are going via 4096 aspects!

Can you imagine drawing 4096 formations with a program like Photoshop or by hand? With OmniGeometry this could well literally rob you no longer up to 3 seconds with upright 4 clicks on the recursion parameter surroundings.

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